5 terms to decipher the world of technology in 2019

A group of five experts from Uninter International University Center have developed a kind of technological glossary detailing the meaning of different terms that are on the rise in the technology market in 2019.

For this, each expert chose a word to explain its meaning in a simple way, including terms like Internet of Things, Global Trading and Unicorn, among others - see below.

1. Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of Things
When the internet became popular in the world in the 1990s, computers were the only way to access it. Over time, devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and video games have been created, which also access the network. Today, the tendency is that all the devices that we have contact in the day to day happen to be connected through the internet.
"There are already, for example, combs, key chains, cars and even sex devices that have an internet connection. The term 'Internet of Things' represents the concept of interconnecting everything and also collecting information on the use of all devices, "explains Frank Alcantara, coordinator of Uninter's Computer Engineering course.

2. Global Trading
In addition to the growing digitalization, contemporary society is also undergoing an internationalization process. In this sense, countries intensify the negotiation of products among themselves. Uninter's Global Trading course coordinator Angela Cristina Kochinski clarifies that the field has emerged to facilitate logistical and financial transactions involving more than one nation. "The professional of the area dominates the best tools to carry out management activities and processes in the international market," he says.

3. Unicorn
Several real animal names and mythological figures are used to categorize companies. The term was renified by Aileen Lee, founder of Cowboy Ventures, to designate startups with a market value of over $ 1 billion. The unicorn was chosen for being a rare and precious mystical creature. "The most popular classification in the area of ​​startups is that of unicorn. It is a very important milestone and difficult to achieve, "says Armando Kolbe Júnior, coordinator of the Startup Management and Digital Entrepreneurship course at Uninter. In Brazil, some examples of unicorns are startups Nubank, 99 and Movile (iFood).

4. Crypteroids
Cryptomoedas are digital coins whose transactions are recorded in a box book with intricate security system, called blockchain. Unlike currencies like the real, the dollar and the euro, they are not controlled by a centralizing body. They have created a new financial system. Its value is determined by supply and demand.

"The first criptomoeda to consolidate was bitcoin, so it's the best known. All others are called altcoins. In the future, it will be possible to use them for buying and selling transactions, as is already happening abroad. For now, they are used as a form of investment and for digital transactions, "explains Daniel Cavagnari, coordinator of the Blockchain, Crypto-Coins and Finance course in the Digital Age of Uninter.

5. Marketing of Influence
While traditional marketing focuses on promoting brands through leaflets, billboards, and commercials, influence marketing relies on leaders, people who enjoy great authority over others. These are the so-called influencers, or influencers, that have become popular with social networks. Through their work, these individuals gain trust and loyalty from the public in an authentic relationship. So they can easily convince you to consume a particular product or service.

"The consumer is more demanding and has little patience for commercial interruptions on TV, radio and the internet. Influencers capture their attention effectively, in addition to having great credibility, "says Achiles Júnior, coordinator of the Uninter Digital Marketing course.

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