Netflix uses AI to find out who shares a password

Sharing the Netflix password with a friend, family member or even your partner can be a great idea, right? After all, this allows you to split costs and everyone can enjoy the content in one account. It turns out that the British company Synamedia believes that is not quite so. Recently at CES, the company unveiled a new artificial intelligence, which uses machine learning to identify passwords shared between users.

In practice, it works something like this: a streaming platform buys access to Synamedia's platform, which will analyze data for all users - and this includes information ranging from the location of access to the account to the type of content that is being watched and the device that is displaying it. Then, artificial intelligence will look for patterns that may indicate a shared password. Finally, the provider will receive the number of the probability that the system has found someone by circumventing the rules.

For example: a common standard would be for a subscriber to be watching certain content in two different and distant locations in the US; it would be impossible for the same person to be in such places watching something on a streaming platform, right? But what can happen after identifying the various users using the same password?

Well, it's up to the service provider. In extreme cases, that is, if the credentials have been sold to multiple users online, canceling the accounts will resolve the problem. If something more innocent happens - like a family sharing a password, for example - the account owner is more likely to receive an email suggesting that they use a premium subscription.

The use of machine learning in such situations is a good idea, since there are standards to be noticed in a huge amount of data. In addition, user consumption patterns are constantly changing; what people watch - and, of course, how they watch - are aspects that have changed a lot in recent years.

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