Qlik has acquired Podium Data. 

Big software companies continue to shop for data management and analytics startups. Qlik, the data analytics company based in Radnor, has acquired Podium Data. 

The tie-up gives Qlik serious data preparation, data quality and data catalog capabilities to add to its hallmark visual data discovery and analytics offering. Once tighter integration is achieved, the deal will effectively transform Qlik into an end-to-end data platform.

Podium Data solutions are designed to simplify and accelerate customers' ability to manage, prepare and deliver analytics-ready data to every business user across a diverse data landscape. The company sells software that helps large enterprises manage and prepare data for analysis, focusing on data quality and security. Business analysts and data scientists use Podium’s tools to quickly comb through their company’s digital information and pull out useful insights, without having to write any code, the Lowell, MA-based startup has said. That’s becoming increasingly important these days, as businesses in virtually every sector are generating tons of information and trying to use it to find a competitive edge.

The acquisition of Podium Data is expected to expand Qlik's portfolio beyond analytics, enabling analytics-ready data strategy to lead data-driven transformation.

"We work closely with customers to build an analytics strategy that transforms many parts of their business with Qlik, and yet there is still huge untapped value in much of their data," said Mike Capone, Qlik CEO.

"You can't be a leader in Business Intelligence and ignore the complexities of data management. Acquiring Podium Data furthers our goal of being the partner to handle a customer's most difficult data challenges, driving both their analytics and data strategy," Capone added.

Other recent acquisitions in data analytics and related areas include Google’s purchase of Cask Data, Oracle’s acquisition of DataScience.com, Tableau Software’s acquisition of Empirical Systems, and Salesforce’s purchase of Datorama.



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