Who does not innovate, stays out of the game

Digital transformation is already part of people's daily lives and could not be different in the business world. However, many entrepreneurs believe that technology is only for those who understand, and ends up falling behind. If people do not risk, they do not innovate, are swallowed by the competitor and stay out of the game.

In the digital world, growth is faster and profit margins are higher, as we can see from the appreciation of companies like Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook, but the digital transformation is for everyone. The separation between technology and business is over. We need to experiment more, see what works, and more and more this becomes a must. No one is a specialist at all, but you have to know the least of how it works.

The customer is the raison d'être of any business, and this will never change, but with data technology, we come to know more and more the needs of the customer, because each one is unique. But even today we treat people as mass, and this assembly line process makes less and less sense.

We are living in the era of greater generation of opportunities that humanity has seen, and we are at the heart of this process.

The number of jobs generated by the new technology is greater. Recent research has shown that two out of three children who entered school this year will work in professions that do not yet exist when they graduate. If you ask what the kids want to be, they will respond "youtuber". Uber driver and drone operator, for example, did not exist ten years ago and should be finished shortly.

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