Artificial Intelligence and video-monitoring at the service of productivity

We are still getting used to relating Artificial Intelligence, Facial Recognition and video-monitoring to protection. Even so, we already have a certain familiarity with the experiences that have already been developed in relation to projects focused on both public and corporate protection.

What we are not yet set up is to link these terms to efficiency, optimization of processes and resources, as well as increased productivity. Thinking about offering a better customer experience and of course becoming more competitive, many companies are betting on intelligent video monitoring to have more control over their operation.

China, for example, uses artificial intelligence to control restaurants. Since January this year, more than 1,700 cameras have been installed in 800 restaurants in Minhang district, within a plan to ensure food safety. The technology includes features that allow you to measure temperature, humidity and detect bad practices by cooks.

Through facial recognition, the cameras also detect the presence of unauthorized persons in the kitchen. When any nonconformity occurs with the configured parameters, an alert is issued to a control panel. And not only that: the equipment also detects beings that should not be there, like rats. The prospect is that the solution may soon detect smaller animals such as cockroaches.

The tool also ensures the quality, control and productivity of the work. Large restaurant chains have extremely strict production processes, all to ensure the highest possible efficiency within the workplace. With the monitoring, it is possible to see if the professionals are acting within the combined and to correct procedures that are not reaching the expected result.

Another good example is that recently a transportation application company has announced driver checking via facial recognition. This has meant that a further layer of security was installed in the operation, which provides a better and safer experience for both the end user and the partner drivers.

Facial recognition now joins the other technological tools to increase companies' productivity. This makes it easier to offer better services and products at an increasingly affordable price. With balanced and efficient processes, we all win.

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