How the Internet of Things Can Transform the Countryside

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the main themes raised in technological discussions for the advancement of the industry. From the multiple combination of device connection, it is possible to optimize processes, plants and strategies, and achieve superior results throughout the production line.

In this scenario, as part of a more robust strategic plan, companies are investing in IoT and the use of sensors - which use digital radio as a voice and data transmission path - to increase security while boosting security. productivity and profit. With the new technologies, we enter a totally innovative reality for the industry.

For production, services integrated with IoT technologies are able to fully automate daily operations and gain record for Big Data analytics. And also optimize machinery time and logistics through management software to reduce fuel costs, production process losses and environmental impact. This type of technology also allows, for example, that heavy machinery such as tractors, trucks and harvesters be monitored remotely and in real time by control centers.

This means that, in practice, these services can indicate the location of an agricultural machine, signal whether the operation is at full capacity and, through sensors, detect lack of irrigation, possible fires and other factors that could cause major damage. In addition, it is possible to gain a broader view of the whole field by means of a communication road that reaches without fail or interruption where there is no signal from mobile and internet, and where satellite use is very expensive and often in deficit.

The constant signal from the digital radio transmits information to the control panel instantly by means of alarms. That is, in the event of an accident, the devices automatically detect any situation considered at risk, including stay in prohibited areas and even loss of consciousness, ensuring immediate help even if the victim is unable to operate the panic button.

These are just a few examples of how the Internet of Things can propel the countryside to an unprecedented level in this ever-warming marketplace over the past few years.

As always, when it comes to technology, every success depends largely on its use by the user. The fact is that the combination of the adoption of new technologies with the good practices inserted in the workers' educational process is the ideal formula to place the agricultural industry in a very high capacity level to further increase its competitiveness.

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