McDonald's wants to automate drive-thru using artificial intelligence

McDonald's is investing heavily in technology this year. This time, the food giant bought a drive-thru artificial intelligence company called Apprente to reduce the time it takes for users to order. This is the third company McDonald's buys this year.

Apprente is geared toward using artificial intelligence in ordering food. In addition to drive-thru, the food company said it could use the knowledge to enhance in-app purchases and sales kiosks. The two companies have already tested the technology at chain restaurants in Chicago before the acquisition.

With the deal, Apprente will cease to exist, and founders and employees will be absorbed into an area of ​​McDonald's called McD Tech Labs. For this, the company may also hire data engineers and engineers.

Despite having informed about the purchase, the company did not open trading data.

In addition to Apprente, McDonald’s also bought two other tech companies this year. The first was Dynamic Yield in March, which focuses on machine learning applied to drive-thru. The idea is that the panel presented to the user changes according to the time of day, weather and traffic. The technology has already been implemented in 8,000 US drive-thrus and will be expanded to Australia soon.

Although it also did not expose purchase numbers, people close to the deal informed CNBC that $ 300 million was invested in the acquisition.

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