Microsoft announces new cloud services for AI and Blockchain

Microsoft announced this week in a preview of its Build conference, a series of new services and technologies from Azure that put advanced features that cover Artificial Intelligence (AI), mixed reality, Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain in the hands of developers .

"From transforming AI and mixed-real-world applications to pushing Blockchain to solving corporate problems, developers' skills and the impact they are making are growing rapidly," said the executive vice president of Cloud and Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft, Scott Guthrie.

Among other things, the company has launched a new category of Azure Cognitive Services, called "Decision," which offers users a specific recommendation for the platform to have more informed and efficient decision making.

Another novelty is the arrival of Artificial Intelligence in Azure Search, along with the general availability of cognitive search capability, allowing users to apply Cognitive Services algorithms to extract new perspectives on their content.

The company also announced IoT Plug and Play, a new modeling language for connecting IoT devices to the cloud in an easy way, solving one of the biggest challenges that developers have - implementing scaled IoT solutions.

Finally, it is worth noting that Microsoft has announced the so-called Azure Blockchain Service, which simplifies the training, management, and administration of Blockchain's network union, allowing enterprises to focus on workflow logic and application development.

More than 6,000 developers and content creators are expected at the Microsoft Build conference, which runs from May 6 to 8 in Seattle, United States.

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