Telcos are delayed in use of AI and Machine Learning, according to research

Telecommunication service organizations around the world are not following the use of predictive models, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), according to a new global survey conducted in partnership between Fico and the TM Forum association.

The survey also points out that only 35% of communication service operators (CSPs) use advanced analysis or machine learning for renewals, while only 36% use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for data collection and retrieval.

And while carriers recognize the importance of personalization, only 41 percent say they use advanced analytics to do this when they are approaching a new customer, according to the study. And only half of these companies proactively use the tools to combine their service packages and customer needs.

According to TM Forum chief analyst Mark Newman, the pressure to increase profitability drives carriers to move toward data and predictive models at every point in the consumer lifecycle.

"As they begin to experiment with artificial intelligence and machine learning, operators need to take a holistic approach, find opportunities, and make use of cases throughout the consumer lifecycle. That is how the battle for consumer loyalty will be waged. "

In addition, the survey points out that most of these organizations (81%) are using or planning to use advanced marketing and advertising analysis.

Other highlights of the event are the fact that the text message is still the predominant channel of communication between companies: 94% communicate with their customers via messages, but only 20% use personalized texts to communicate payment delays.

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