Audi, Airbus and Italdesign work in flying vehicles for major cities

The idea of ​​flying cars has been in everyone's mind for many years. Their creation, however, has always seemed like something of the future. However, congestion - especially in large cities - has increased the demand for alternative means of transport. Among them, the development of air vehicles - also autonomous. Audi, Airbus and Italdesign, responding to this need, presented their vehicle concept and say they are already in the test stages.

Named as Pop.Up Next, the stand-alone car will use a drone. Creativity is in the creation of a vehicle with vacant space for passengers, the drone being responsible for taking only the passengers (remembering the structure of a cable car).

As it is still in the conceptual phase, its tests are being done on 1: 4 scale models and made here in South America. Audi says the next step in development is to create a full-size copy.
Confident in the project, the partner companies say that in the next decade it will be possible to use these vehicles in large cities.

For now, there is no forecast for the test date of full-size vehicles. However, it seems we are closer than ever to flying overhead to our homes or workplaces routinely and avoiding - finally - the inconveniences of daily congestion.


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