Check Point Launches Dedicated Security Solution for IoT Devices

Check Point Software Technologies, an Israeli digital security firm, has announced the acquisition of Cymplify, a brand that has developed a new dedicated IoT (IoT) cyber security technology. With the purchase, Check Point incorporates into its portfolio all the technology developed within Cymplify.

According to the acquiring firm, the adoption of IoT-enabled devices within industries and businesses has opened security breaches and blind spots that can be exploited by cybercriminals, such as various types of attacks against smart systems.

Check Point's new solution (which should integrate the company's Infinity architecture) enables smart, connected equipment such as IP cameras, smart TVs, elevator controllers and even medical devices such as infusion pumps to be protected from more advanced attacks. .

“The 5th and 6th generations of cyber threats are leveraging the growing use of new and evolving platforms, including IoT devices, which require the increased capabilities of cyber security solutions. Incorporating Cymplify into Check Point's Infinity architecture will strengthen our ability to reduce our customers' exposure to IoT cyber risk and proactively address IoT-related threats and vulnerabilities without disrupting critical operations, ”comments Dorit Dor, vice president. president of Check Point products.

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