Digital transformation is an impact factor

Increasingly seen as an important step for companies in different segments, digital transformation is already seen as a factor impacting the market by 8 out of 10 executives of large companies, according to new research by CI & T.

Entitled Business Impact Insights, the study also points out that 71% of these executives believe that the company they work with is prepared as a whole for digital transformation.

Ways to achieve the much-talked-about digital transformation include a change in mindset of people, leaders and teams involved, cited by 76% of respondents, technology cited by 67% of them, and business with 38%.

"Most executives are already aware of the relevance of digital transformation to their business, but that does not mean that their companies as a whole are already prepared for that change," said CI & T founder and CEO, Cesar Gon.


According to the survey, the three main positive motivations for a company to start a digital transformation project are: improving services and products (24%), staying ahead (23%) and preparing to compete with digital natives (16%).

Meanwhile, the most cited negative motivations were loss of competitiveness (20%), emergence of new entrants (16%) and prominence of competition (15%).

Promising technologies and performance indicators

In terms of the most promising technologies to accelerate processes and leverage results, Artificial Intelligence (61%), Advanced Analytics / Big Data (46%) and Internet of Things (42%) are among the top three. And what are the indicators that these executives and companies use to measure the business impacts of digital transformation projects? 74% of executives bet on operational efficiency; 56% growth in revenue; 28% in time to cash and 28% in time to market.

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