Elon Musk's First Boring Company Tunnel to Open in December

According to Elon Musk, the first tunnel of a Boring Company project for high-speed transportation in major cities will open December 10 in Los Angeles, United States. The company's founder and director made the announcement in a series of short tweets, also giving some details on what the launch should be like.

Throughout the day after the opening, transport through the tunnel will be open and can be used free of charge by the city's population. It leaves a point near the headquarters of SpaceX (another one of the companies of Musk) and will take people by 120th Street, in a route of approximately 3.2 km.

Although he did not give an estimate of the total travel time, Musk said that the maximum speed reached in the tunnel during the tests was 250 km / h. There has also been no news regarding the value of tickets. Earlier, Musk promised they would not cost more than $ 1 per person.

Made by the Boring Company in partnership with the Los Angeles Metro, this project was named Loop and will initially be made up of small wagons with a capacity of up to 16 people. If the tests are successful, Musk has already stated that he intends to take the idea to other cities in the country. Despite its name, this project is different from Hyperloop, a more ambitious transportation plan that aims to achieve half the speed of sound for travel between different cities or states.

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