Company uses artificial intelligence to aid medical diagnosis

The health market is currently undergoing a deep transformation due to the emergence of new technologies, which allow more quality and speed in patient care, besides contributing to a correct diagnosis.

Even with these advances, the market for diagnostic medicine suffers from the pressure to be more productive, but with lower remuneration. In the radiology sector, in particular, in the United States, in the United States, Burnout Syndrome in 45% of the professionals in this area was reported in the United States in 2018, according to data presented by the head of the radiology department of New York University during the RSNA of the Society of Radiology of North America).

The implementation of artificial intelligence in the health area and specifically in the radiology sector has as one of the main objectives to facilitate the process of obtaining diagnoses, giving the radiologist an even more relevant role, focusing on patient care and role specialist physician, ensuring a good understanding of the test results and whether or not additional studies are indicated.

Iara Health, Artificial Intelligence for Health
Analyzing this scenario and seeking to transform the health area through artificial intelligence, in addition to helping in faster and more accurate diagnoses, Iara Health was born in 2018. The company is a pioneer in the development of artificial intelligence solutions with the goal of facilitating the life of the radiologist.

Its main product, the virtual assistant for physicians, which takes the name of Iara, transcribes medical records and reports, and interacts with algorithms and system using voice commands, presenting levels of accuracy above 98%. This is the first voice recognition system developed in Brazil, with no dependence on third party systems.

"In just one year of existence, we have been able to develop a complete tool that is continuously improved and already has relevant market acceptance, with more than 100 users," explains José Eduardo Venson, co-founder of Iara Health.

Among the other projects developed by the company, the algorithm for calculating bone age, automatic identification of contrast in cranial tomography and detection of pneumonia are highlighted.

Reference to the market
With just one year, Iara Health already showed its potential for the market and received its first recognition when it was awarded during the edition of the RSNA Pneumonia Detection Challenge, a challenge that consisted in developing a tool capable of identifying with a better level of precision the incidence of pneumonia from a chest X-ray, leaving behind more than 1,400 competitors.

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