Google may launch smart speaker router and voice assistant

Google is due to introduce its new batch of products on October 15, and supply chain sources have hinted at the arrival of an interesting gadget that acts as a router and smart speaker. The gadget would come with the smart home product brand Nest and would be powered by Google Assistant.

Nest WiFi, as it has been called, should bring Nest's second generation Wi-Fi connectivity, with faster, safer, smarter connectivity. It would have a minimalist design with smooth lines and small beacons that should serve not only to better map the environment but also to be used as smart speakers.

Flags / smart speakers should perform similar to the Google Home Mini / Nest Mini and Google Assistant would have new features specific to the new Nest WiFi bundles. You could, for example, control the network with your voice and even pause connecting only one room or device.

The product looks quite interesting and should have three color options. There are not yet many details of how it should integrate with Google / Alphabet ecosystem services and products. It is quite possible that by October 15 we will have more news about it.



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