Next Uber step? Freestanding bicycles and scooters

Uber wants to go even further in the matter of autonomous vehicles. The company plans to launch scooters and standalone bikes in the coming years. With cars without a driver running in the United States since 2016, still under test, the company is considered one of the most advanced in relation to this type of technology.

News of the focus on the development of other types of autonomous vehicles was leaked following a robotic event that occurred last Sunday (20/01) in the United States. Whoever released the information was Chris Anderson, executive of a robotics company called 3D Robotics. According to the businessman, Uber announced during the event that it intends to launch independent scooters and bicycles in the near future.

The aim is for two-wheeled vehicles to ride alone to "loading points" in the case of electric scooters, or "delivery points" in the case of bikes. Apparently, the new sector would be called "micro-mobility" within Uber.

The news is related to the acquisition of Jump Bikes, startup of electric bicycles, by Uber in April last year. According to Anderson, the new sector will be directly linked to the group involved in the purchase of Jump Bikes, which is expected to arrive in Brazil in 2019.

Uber also made available on the internet a form from Google for people interested in working in the micro-mobility division. Asked by Business Insider to comment on the news, Uber chose not to comment.

Important! The division responsible for the autonomous cars of Uber is called Advanced Technologies Group (ATG). Last year, the company had to pause the industry's operations in March last year, after a stand-alone company vehicle ran over and killed a pedestrian in Temple, Arizona. In December last year, the company reactivated ATG.

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