Tech Gadgets That Are Worth the Hype

Looking for affordable or not so affordable accessories to buy and not sure about what to buy? We’ve compiled a list of hot, new gadgets that you’ll be happy to own this year.

Here are some gadgets worth a look.

Alexa-enabled Car Charger

The Roav VIVA may look like a normal car phone charger, but its has Amazon's Alexa smart assistant built inside of it. Alexa is useful in your home, but it's even better in the car since you can get intelligent responses to your questions without having to take your eyes off the road.

Roav VIVA, $49.99

Tardisk Storage Expansion Card For Macbooks

Tardisk is a storage module that fits flush with your MacBook Air to increase the amount of space you can use without having to open up your machine.

Tardisk (128GB, 13" MacBook Air), $148

Myo Gesture Control

This armband uses the electroactivity in your muscles, and the motions of your arm to let you control technology with your movements. Use it to control your computer from a distance — pointing, clicking, and typing by making gestures. You can create PowerPoints, control Netflix or even browse through Kodi on your Amazon FireStick. The Myo App store is filled with a variety apps so you can make the most of your Myo.

Myo, $199

Cinemood Projector

Cinemood makes it easier to watch all your favorite films on any flat surface indoors or outdoors no matter what time of day. Access your personal Netflix or Youtube account from the Cinemood menu and project the images up to 150-inches. The projector comes preloaded with 120 hours of cartoons, ebooks, lullabies, and bedtime stories for the kids. And with five hours of rechargeable battery life.

Cinemood Projector, $399

Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer For Iphones

Prynt Pocket attaches to your iPhone and lets you print photos up in 30 seconds. You can take pictures with the Prynt Pocket attached and print them as they're taken, or choose the best pictures from your camera roll later on. Because it's so small, the Prynt Pocket is the ideal Polaroid-like digital printer to take on the go.

Prynt Pocket, $149.99

Nebia Shower System

It’s a shower that can maximize how much water actually reaches your body while simultaneously reducing water waste by up to 70%. The shower system works by atomizing the water in a spray pattern that contours your body, so you’re hit with millions of tiny droplets that create a surface area about 100 times greater than that of a regular shower. The system comes with a set of custom tools to help you firmly secure it to the wall in like 10 minutes.

Nebia Shower System, $399

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